We Care Carwash is delighted to offer the very best car detailing in Perth. Car detailing becomes a necessity for all of us at some point. It might incorporate exterior detailing, interior detailing, or both. Our car detailers in Perth do it all…

Sometimes simply washing and vacuuming your car is not enough. You might have left it too long between washes; you might have spilled something in your car; you may have scratches that won’t easily buff out; you may have driven off-road in wet weather; you may have kids or pets who do what kids and pets do – sticky fingers, drool, those little “accidents”. You know what we mean – your car needs much more to get it smelling, and feeling its best.

Exterior Car Detailing incorporates cleaning and washing the car and restoring its surface to its original condition (as much as possible). This includes the panel surfaces, chrome trims, wheels, windows, tyres, and all other exterior features.

Interior Car Detailing involves deep cleaning of the entire interior. This includes vacuuming, steam cleaning, polishing, stain removal, and window cleaning. Interior surfaces may incorporate fabric, leather, vinyl, natural fibres, plastics, carbon fibres, and more. These each require specialist attention and cleaning techniques.

Our Perth car detailing service is a professional, gold standard service which surpasses any other you will find. When you bring your vehicle to us for full car detaining, we will deliver:
• High pressure hand wash and chamois dry
• All trims cleaned
• Engine cleaned
• Clay bar treatment
• Total interior vacuum
• Wax and polish
• Seat shampoo
• Mats, carpets, foot wells, dashboard, boot, door jambs cleaned
• Wheels and tyres polished

Whether your car needs a good revamp for your own satisfaction, or you’re preparing to sell at the best price possible, choose We Care Car Wash car detailing in Perth.