Our company does not use the rough and waste clothes for the cleaning of vehicles that comes to our store. We use the micro clean clothes and soft clothes for the cleaning of the vehicles. Also, the products that we use are organic and harmful pollutant free.
In We Care Carwash, we only use organic and harmful pollutant free products for the cleaning of vehicles. The water that we use for cleaning of the vehicles is also recycled through proper mechanism.
Well, it depends on various factors like the size of the car, the amount of dirt and other materials it contains, the type of dirt it contains, etc. If we calculate an average time then it takes 3 to 25 minutes for the cleaning of a car properly.
You can contact us through our online website. Just log on to our company’s website and you will find every detail about our company and services there.
Well, we provide special discounts on some special occasions. To know about those discounts and to get them, keep visiting our website from time to time.
The chances are very rare but if you are not satisfied with our service for any reason then speak with our employee frankly and we will try to solve your problem as quickly as possible.
There is no need to pay anything in advance. Just visit our store and avail the service first then you have to pay for it. In some rare cases, the clients are charged before but that depends on the situation.
No, you do not have to show us any kind of paper for the car wash service. We are here to clean your car, not for enquiring the license or anything else. Just come to our store, take the service, and pay the money, that’s all.